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In July 2016, in celebration of Shakespeare 400, father and son, David and Ronan Hatfull will walk the route taken by William Shakespeare from Stratford-upon-Avon to the Globe Theatre in London and, as a creative collaboration, will document their journey along the way in words and photographic images. 


David Hatfull is a freelance professional photographer, a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and founder member of the Arena Group. His various awards include both Kodak and Canon Photographer of the Year and his photographs have been widely exhibited both in the UK and abroad. His work was included in 20 British Photographers, a touring exhibition of the UK, the USA and New Zealand, and his most recent work, Norfolk Landscapes, was exhibited in 2015.


Ronan Hatfull recently achieved an MA with Distinction from the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon and is currently researching for a PhD at The University of Warwick. As well as directing and performing in many of Shakespeare's plays, he has presented various academic papers on aspects of Shakespearean adaptation and appropriation. His contemporary adaptations include Not You Will and Partners Rapt


Although the photographic process was not invented until 1839, the camera itself has been in existence for much longer. The camera obscura was used by artists to project an image onto a wall or glass screen, a process that was probably known to Shakespeare. David Hatfull has, thus, chosen to capture these images using view cameras with traditional panchromatic film to replicate a technique that could have been used in a camera obscura. As well as a response to the urban and rural landscape, he will be making portraits of people whom they meet along the way. The resulting images  will be displayed on this site, available for purchase as hand-printed, silver gelatine, limited edition, signed prints.


David and Ronan will also be making this journey as a fund-raising event in aid of the Lizz Ketterer Trust. More information on the Trust is available at: www.lizzketterertrust.com and all proceeds from print sales will go towards the fund.